Thursday 12 March 2015


Theme: Colours of Harmony

OYASAF Foundation in collaboration with UFUK Dialogue Foundation hereby invites artists and photographers to submit images for a collaborative photography competition titled: Colours of Harmony” which is expected to take place in April in Abuja after which some selected works shall be exhibited in a travelling exhibition for an extended period. 

This competition is the second OYASAF collaborative effort at promoting Nigerian art with UFUK Foundation. The first collaboration between the two foundations was titled “Art For Peace: Paint African Values”. That collaboration resulted in a travelling exhibition of the works of thirteen Nigerian artists in Abuja, Ethiopia, Istanbul and New York. This second collaboration is a photo competition of different parts of Nigeria, depicting the togetherness and cultural co-existence in our diversity. The photography competition will explore Nigerian culture, diversity and relationship of the different aspects of Nigeria’s cultural lives through the lenses of Nigerian photographers. The Photo competition will be followed with a travelling exhibition in Nigeria, Turkey, USA, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Benin Republic and United Kingdom.

Competition Submission Criteria
1.     Each participant is expected to enter a maximum of 4 images of their choice with a 600 word description of each photograph being submitted. Some 50 numbers of selected works will be recommended by a jury panel in Lagos for the eventual Abuja photo competition by an UFUK organized panel of judges.
2.     Submission of  passport photograph of each applicant
3.     Submission of filled out form accompanying the works submitted per artist.
4.     Submission of detailed biography per artist.
5.     Submission of details of each photograph submitted indicating, TITLE, DIMENSION and YEAR OF PRODUCTION.
6.     All entries must be of 3 megabytes in JPEG or JPG format, at least 300dpi per photograph, digital format and submitted online to our contact e-mail address:
7.     Indication of the suggested price per artwork and the edition number of each photograph being submitted
8.     No works of which there has been a pre-existing utilization would be accepted for the competition (only fresh or new works must be entered for the competition by artists.

Deadline for submission
6th April, 2015

The Lagos jury panel for selecting qualifying images for the competition is to be composed of Omooba Yemisi Shyllon, Jude Anogwih, Amaize Ojeikere, Olu Amoda, Adeola Balogun, Uche Okpa-Iroha, Ariyo Oguntimehin and Akin Onipede.

Artists would be invited to a presentation of their works at the OYASAF facility, Lagos to a jury panel on the 8th of April, 2015 after which soft copies of selected qualifying works shall be sent to Abuja for the photo competition and the concerned artist will then be appropriately notified .
Those who fail to qualify will not be contacted.

Only 50 works out of the qualifying entries for the competition in Abuja, that are found suitable, will be exhibited in  the  travelling exhibition of Nigeria, Turkey, USA, South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Ethiopia and Benin Republic.

Any moneys derived from selling photographs of artists during the travelling exhibitions would be paid to them accordingly at the end of all the exhibitions.

Five prizes will be given out to winners in Abuja. They are:
1st….N250, 000
2nd…. N200, 000
3rd…. N150, 000
4th ….N70, 000
5th …. N50, 000

For all enquiries, please contact:  Emmanuel Adigwe on 08028322578

The Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art Foundation (OYASAF) is a nonprofit organization established in 2007 to promote the appreciation and study of Nigerian art artist, and culture making the collection globally available to museums, educational institutions and scholars. The goal of OYASAF is to be the hub of Nigerian art to the world and a major point of contact for scholars, critics, artists and enthusiasts of Nigerian art and culture.

About UFUK

UFUK Dialogue Foundation is centered in FCT Abuja, Nigeria to promote dialogue, culture of co-existence and mutual understanding and to establish a common platform for the exchange of information and opinion. The foundation focuses on dialogue and peace activities in academic and intellectual level for the education of the different members of society. This is achieved through conferences, seminar, panel, art projects, publications, meetings, inter cultural trips and many other activities.