Tuesday 15 August 2017


In line with our vision to promote the appreciation of Nigerian art, OYASAF recently completed the hosting of the two best 2016 overall visual art graduates of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria. Mr Agbaje Julius Abidemi and Mr Akinrinola Ahmed Abiodun were the beneficiaries. Mr Agbaje Julius Abidemi graduated as the best painting student while Mr Akinrinola Ahmed Abiodun was the best graduate in sculpture.

The two graduate artists in-residence, successfully completed their five (5) weeks fellowship program with OYASAF covering the period 5th of June 2017 to 10th July, 2017. During Mr Abidemi’s residency at OYASAF, he produced some masterpiece portraitures, one of which is presented below.
Title: Amaranthine, Artist: Agbaje Julius Abidemi, Dimension: 2 by 3 feet, Medium: Oil on canvas, Year: 2017

Mr Akinrinola Ahmed Abiodun completed his five weeks artist in-residency program with OYASAF during the same period. He produced the sculpture observable below.
Title: The cube, Artist: Akinrinola Ahmed Abiodun Dimensions: 6ft (L) 6ft (B) 7ft (H) Medium: metal and aluminum mirror/reflective composite panel, Year: 2017

The piece titled: “The Cube”, is a multicoloured lighted construction, executed in metal and aluminum mirror/reflective composite panel. The outer cube represents man with the universe, while the lighted reflective inner cube, relates to man’s environment which is seen as contributing to the development of human’s intrinsic abilities for impactful contributions to the world around us.
The interconnected stars in the outer red painted outer cube represents harmony and unity within human diversity. The element of universality was incorporated into the work to make it timeless and transcend the barriers of cultural, ethnical and racial differences of the world around us.