Thursday 5 November 2020


Hope lies in being able to see light at the end of a tunnel. Hope encourages and stimulates us to overcome life's usually daunting challenges.

It keeps reassuring, soothing, and strengthing us to eventually overcome our life's challenges. Hope, provides us with the fortitude to conquer life's vicissitudes and despair. Hope motivates us to persevere in the course of our journey through life. Without hope in times of tribulations, man's life would become ordinary and not worth continuing. Hence, we must prime ourselves to continue to forge ahead with hope, no matter the challenges that fate may throw at us, in our journey of life. 
We must always set pragmatic, rational, and achievable goals for ourselves. 
We must follow this up, with a strong belief in our eventual success. And we must stay on course at all times and awake to our goals

Art Credit: OYASAF

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